"Six Years 'til Spring", a Polish family's Odyssey, traces their six years' ordeal from the outbreak of WWII to the day when the family reunited.  Their wanderings took them through eight countries and three continents.  A saga of survival with a happy ending.

In recent years there have been many efforts to make people aware of the disasters of WWII, but unfortunately most of the emphasis has been focused on one ethnic group while ignoring the plight of millions of other people who went through similar ordeals.  It is hoped that "Six Years 'til Spring" will fill one small gap in making the history of that era more complete and objective.

This is not another book about "The Holocaust."  Like the majority of Poland's population, the family was Roman Catholic, although a number of Polish Jews shared their exile in the Soviet Union and the years in Iran.  Consequently,  this book presents a different slant on an era about which much has already been written, but very little about the fate of a large group of people exiled from Poland, of whom thousands perished.    



             A Polish Family's Odyssey


                   Teresa Mikosz-Hintzke



                      ISBN 0-595-17720-4

         392 PAGES, paperback $20.95 USA

The author, Teresa Mikosz-Hintzke, was born in Poland.  Because of the upheavals of WWII she was deported at the age of five with her family to Soviet labor camps from which after two years she was released and went to Iran, staying there until the end of the war.  She is one of the two thousand Polish children who, after being rescued from Russia via Uzbekistan, attended Polish schools in Isfahan, Iran.  After the war, following a stay of several months in Lebanon, she was reunited with her father, a Polish military officer who had been a German POW.  He was subsequently stationed in Italy and then England. In Great Britain she attended a Welsh boarding school and learned English. In 1948 she emigrated with her parents to Canada and in 1953, after finishing high school there, she came to the United States, where she lived in the Detroit area for many years.  For the last 25 years she has called the Chicago area "home."

Teresa is a graduate of Northwestern University, having majored in Art History, but by profession she is a free-lance technical illustrator.

She has traveled widely and gives lectures and writes articles about places that she has visited. She has been selected for inclusion in the just published 23rd edition of Who's Who of American Women. For further information please contact Teresa Mikosz-Hintzke at hintzke@cs.com.

How to Order

To order your personal copy of "SIX YEARS 'TIL SPRING" from the publisher call toll free 1-877-823-9235 or click on iUniverse.com. The book can also be ordered at Barnes & Noble, or in the Chicago area at: Book Stall at Chestnut Court - 811 Elm St, Winnetka, Polonia Bookstore - 4738 Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Seminary Co-op - 5757 S. University Ave, Chicago, Newberry Library - 60 West Walton, Chicago, Brent Books LTD - 309 W. Washington, Chicago, as well as from over 170.coms including bn.com and amazon.com.

What People Are Saying About "Six Years 'til Spring"...

"...Six Years 'Til Spring is a unique chronicle of a six year ordeal for single Polish family; it is a saga of wartime separation familiar to thousands, even millions of Poles...the past that she evokes is not only personal but also collective, a legacy for the postwar generation... Mikosz-Hintzke's writing is confident and at times as compelling as the story itself."

                                                    Barbara Tepa Lupack, for THE POLISH REVIEW, New York, NY  April 2003

"She has a novelist's eye for the colorful or telling detail, especially in her descriptions of the bleak horrors of Soviet captivity, and her sunnier recounting of Near Eastern exotica. Mikosz-Hintzke has wisely chosen to build her narrative around the framework of her parents' wartime letters to one another..."

                            Prof. Neal Pease, University of Wisconsin, for THE SARMATIAN REVIEW, Texas, April 2003

"It is not an easy story to tell because it involves not only the family's odyssey, but also the horrible treatment of the Poles by both the Nazis and the Soviet communists."

                                                       Elaine Fandell, editor, NEW TRIER TIMES, Kenilworth, Il, December 2002

"Finally, this is one of several books in English to tell the story of the Soviet deportation of Poles......very little said about the fate of a large group of people exiled from Poland, of whom thousands perished...... This book is highly recommended."

                                                       Polonia Today. A part of The Polonia Media Network. Chicago, July 2002

"... it is one of the best books about the war era, showing its chaos and tragedy."  

                                                                                       Roza Nowotarska, NOWY DZIENNIK, New York, NY. March 2002

"... remarkable odyssey of your family. It is nice to hear that at least one Polish family came out of the war more or less in reasonably good shape."

                                                                                                             Zbigniew Brzezinski, January 2002

"... The book not only describes the camps and the wanderings, but in addition gives account of people and local inhabitants whom the author and her mother encounter... "Six Years 'til Spring" adds a part to the WWII history about which is little known, particularly in the English language..."

                                                        J. Wampuszyc, THE POLISH WEEKLY, Hamtramck, MI, January 2002

"...[she] has written a fascinating book about her family's experiences during World War II... the book strikes an interesting balance between detailing the struggles of the adults and showing us the child's sense of adventure."

                                                                                                    DIVERSITY TIMES, Chicago, IL, Fall 2001

"... It is very well done, well researched and well written..."

                                                                                  J. Galazka, HIPPOCRENE BOOKS Inc, October 1999